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Hear every note and lyric with the world’s first reliable fully wireless solution for live music.

TYXIT - Audio Monitoring and Recording Made Easy

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You should not need a degree in sound engineering to play live music.

Tired of having to focus on technical issues, tripping on cables, or not hearing yourself play or sing? Don't want to spend thousands on expensive audio equipment? Then TYXIT is the solution for you.

What's TYXIT?

Meet tyxit

The first truly live wireless audio system that allows you to monitor your personal mix and front of house mixing, share a click track with your bandmates, and record live on stage. It's wireless and plug and play so you can focus on the music!


In-sync Transmitters

Our transmitter can be connected to any audio source, mic or instrument. Use several at the same time and they will sync together automatically! Our In-sync Transmitters will have you saying Bye Bye Bye to all those messy cables!


Sound Control App

Our App will allow you to manage all your transmitters and receivers, join your band, mix on every receiver, save your mix configuration, and so much more. Easy and convenient, right from your phone!


Multi-STREAM Receivers

Every receiver grabs all the audio streams coming from the transmitters. Then it mixes the output for your in-ear or speaker. It can even record all  tracks at the same time. Get as many receivers as you want, each with their independent mix!

The wireless live revolution

Make live music smooth and easy. All with no hassle, no wires, no problem. Plug and Play, it’s as easy as that.

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a new meaning to
plug and play


Plug in the receiver and transmitter devices.


Launch our app to mix and record on the fly!


Now you are ready to start rocking!

When we say live,
we mean it!

Our proprietary audio and radio algorithms unite to create one of the fastest wireless high quality audio technologies available anywhere. With less than 2 milliseconds of latency, it means you can hear yourself and everyone in your band without any discernible lag.

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lag < 2MS

Built by musicians
for musicians.

It’s easy to use and easy to customize. You don’t need to rely on anyone or anything else. Our groundbreaking premium Swiss Technology is truly plug and play so you can focus on what you do best without being restricted by annoying cables.

The story behind Tyxit
1/4", 1/8", XLR jacks

A multipurpose solution
without the soul—crushing pricetag!

Do you die a little inside when it’s time to buy a new audio cable, mixer, transceiver, recorder, tuner…? It's not simple and it definitely isn’t cheap. But don’t worry, those days are over. You can do all that and more with our ready to use products and our awesome app.  For you, the musician, TYXIT is much cheaper than the traditional wired solution.

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You can have up to 12 simultaneous high quality audio streams with no limitations for receivers


Monitor live with less  than 2 milliseconds of wireless audio latency end-to-end

last through any gig

Up to 8 hours of battery life, rechargeable
via USB-C.

The world is your stage

Devices are dust and water resistant, so you can rock without a worry!


No complicated setups and all the connectors you need: Jack 1/4, Jack 1/8, XLR

save the highlights for later

Recorder device with 4GB of memory for those long encores.

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