latency IS A GLITCH

Audio Latency is the biggest issue currently affecting available wireless music technology. Latency refers to the delay between when a sound is produced and when it is heard.

How did we change this?

...until tyxit

Just because the technology didn’t exist yet, we weren’t going to let that stop us! Our objective was to create a proprietary technology that would allow us to transmit seamless high quality audio and that’s exactly what we’ve done.

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Key Specifications

Wireless technology

TYXIT LiveSync

Wireless band

5.8 GHz ISM band

Audio codec


wireless latency

Less than 2ms

Wireless Range

Up to 30 meters / 100 ft

Audio Connectors

1/4", 1/8", XLR

Device control VIA

iOS / Android App

Battery life / Type

8 hours / Li-ion

Charging / data port

USB type C

The challenge
That drove us

For audio to be perceived as truly live to the human ear, it has to have a latency of 2 milliseconds or less. There is currently no existing wireless standard that can actually handle such a low latency with multiple simultaneous transmitters and receivers

The birth of
A new idea

After multiple years of researching different technologies, we have developed our proprietary radio technology which operates on the 5.8 GHz ISM band.

Turned into a
reliable solution

A Powerful & Robust Forward Error Correction (FEC) system corrects transmission mistakes, while True Diversity and an Adaptive Frequency system makes TYXIT more reliable. All of our transmitters and receivers are interconnected. We are the only solution to do this and it makes our system the easiest to use.

Still not enough.
Let's make it faster.

There is also no available audio compression standard on the market which can deliver both high-fidelity audio quality and low latency at the same time.

Audio compression

We developed our own zero-delay audio compression algorithm based on state-of-the-art research, which produces outstanding sound quality. Our codec utilizes a  low data rate, making it robust and reliable on wireless transmission. It generates High Fidelity audio while preserving dynamics, which is essential for guitars and other instruments.

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Still have questions?
Here are the answers.

Can a wireless system for audio monitoring be reliable?

Yes, our TYXIT wireless system was developed to give you the best experience possible.

What does latency or lag mean?

Latency, also known as "Lag" refers to the delay between when a sound is produced and when it is heard.

Does TYXIT offer audio latency acceptable even for a singer?

Absolutely! The latency between your voice or your instrument to your feedback is less than 2ms with our solution. This mean you won't hear any artifacts due to high latencies.

Can I connect your products to any audio equipment?

Yes, with our different connector options (Jack 1/4, Jack 1/8, XLR). TYXIT transmitters can be connected to most musical instruments, or microphones. TYXIT receivers are able to connect to nearly all audio equipment such as headphones, speakers, in-ear, mixing table, etc.

What frequency band does TYXIT work on?

TYXIT operates on a 5.8 GHz ISM unlicensed band. A Powerful & Robust Forward Error Correction (FEC) system corrects transmission mistakes, making TYXIT more reliable.

Why have I never seen anyone using a wireless system like this?

Getting the right quality while keeping the latency negligible is not an easy feat, especially if you rely on existing off-the-shelf technology you put together as many companies are tempted to do. At TYXIT, we decided to built from the ground up a proprietary codec and wireless management system for performance. It may be why we got to such a low point-to-point latency while respecting the audio quality.

How much will it cost?

It was designed to be cheaper than actual wired personal monitoring solution for pros while keeping very high quality. If you join our mailing list, we will let you know the price as soon as we launch pre-orders again.

Can TYXIT carry stereo or mono signals? Balanced or unbalanced?

Both. The signals configuration depends on the input:
- Mic (XLR): mono balanced
- Guitar (Jack) / Bass (high impedance): mono unbalanced
- Line Out / Keyboards Jack: both mono balanced or stereo unbalanced
- Line Out / Keyboards XLR: mono balanced

Do TYXIT only work with the app, ie. require the app to be running to function?

No. Although you will have access to full functionalities by using the app (mixing, recording, monitoring), there is a hardware mode than enables you to start them as standalone devices without the app, as pure point-to-point wireless transducers.

Can TYXIT receiver be powered by phantom power of another device?

No. It needs to be charged through USB-C. Yet, the XLR transmitter does deliver 48V phantom power itself to any condenser mic.

Is the audio transmission lossless like FLAC or compressed audio? If compressed what’s
the bit rate? What’s the digital format (PCM, DSD, etc)

To be able to stream with ultra-low latency, we developed our own compression codec, making sure the quality audio is up to par for demanding musicians and audiophiles. We use a 48 kHz / 24 bits sampling and a 20 - 20 kHz range. Output is PCM and can be recorded in raw format, .wav or any other through any DAW software.

Can I use my iPad as one of the sources?

Yes, with an adaptor (not supplied). There are some available on many e-stores.

Can TYXIT be used in DJing?

Yes. Here is the setup:
- 1 transmitter into your DJ mixer mainoutput
- 1 transmitter into your DJ mixer Monitor output
- 1 receiver into the Speakers amplifier
- 1 receiver into your headphones.

That way you are totally wire-free and can hear both your Monitor and the main output in the SAME HEADPHONES set.


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